Energy Source Of Power Tools- Electricity Or Air

One of the many things that man has been regularly achieving new heights in, is the designing and development of tools. This is why he started from stones and is, currently, working with electric power tools.

Electric power tools are automatic tools that work on electric motor. Their advantage over the conventional hand tools is that they bring both efficiency and speed to the work and at the same time, save a lot of physical labor.

Electric power tools are mainly of two types-

Stationary electric power tools are bigger and more cumbersome and are used mainly by professionals at construction sites, garages, factories and other such places to do bigger tasks of sawing, drilling, bench grinding and other similar activities. Some of the common stationary electric power tools are saws, electric sanders, routers, bench grinders and lathes.

Portable electric power tools include mainly the cordless power tools. They are different from stationary electric power tools in a way that they can be carried every where easily. They are usually smaller in size and perform smaller tasks. Under portable electric power tools, one can find cordless drillers, cordless screw drivers, cordless cutters, cordless flash lights and countless other such tools.

Electric power tools are one kind of power tools. Other kind of power tools is air tools which run on compressed air. They are also called pneumatic power tools. They are as efficient as electric power tools with the difference being in just the energy source. In fact, air tools are cheaper and safer then electric power tools. Every power tool which is found in electric power tool form can also be found in the air-tool form. Some of the air power tools are air compressors, air grease guns, air hoses, air routers, air wrenches and automotive air tools.

Some of the leadind manufacturers of electric and air power tools are Makita, Ingersoll Rand, Snap-On and Chicago Pneumatic, KAESER, Fuji Air Tools and Atlas Copco.

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